How do I know which type of facial to choose?

If it has been a long time since your last facial and your skin feels very dull and dirty,  most of the time a custom facial is a good start to review your skin and discuss goals for results.  Those who love their exfoliation and don’t have reactive skin should go for the PowerPeel or HydraFacial.

Will I be red after the facial and for how long?

Each person is different, sensitive skins obviously may be a little rosy after, but 2-3 days at most and the majority of people feel great , clean and glowing immediately.

I have a big event I want to look good for, how many days ahead can I have my treatment?

If your skin is used to treatments and generally looks great right after, you can have a treatment 1-2 days before, in some cases we do the day of an event. Otherwise, it’s best to do 5-7 days before.

If I use Retinol or Glycolic/AHA products do I need to do anything different?

Yes, you should not use those 5-7 days before a peel or waxing and after treatment it is good to wait a few days before using again. You should always let your esthetician know if your using these products and always be extra careful about sun exposure and using SPF.